Maritime Reporter
 Oil/Gas Company, Operator (Major, Independent, National/State)
 Drilling, Drilling Contractor
 EPC, Main Contractor, Subcontractor
 Pipeline/Installation Contractor
 Ship Builder/Fabrication Yard
 FPSO Contractor
 Engineering/ Consulting
 Subsea, Robotics, ROV, AUV
 Marine/Offshore Renewable Energy: offshore wind, wave, tidal
 Naval Architecture
 Offshore Marine Transportation and Support Services
 Service, Supply, Manufacturers of Equipment and Engineered Products
 Insurance, Finance, Legal
 Research, Educational Organization, Industry Association
 Government Agency (Federal, State, Local)
 Corporate Officer, Chairman, CEO, CFO, CIO
 Director, President, Vice President, Partner, General Manager
 Production or Exploration Manager
 Purchasing / Procurement Manager or Agent, Supply Chain Manager, Buyer
 Other Senior, Mid-level Manager
 IT Manager
 Engineer (rig, structural, drilling, corrosion, process, project, mechanical, instrumentation, controls, piping)
 Engineering Consultant
 Naval Architect
 Geology, Geophysics, Chemist, Scientist (including Seismic), GIS
 Field Professional, Superintendent, Foreman, Toolpusher
 HR/Recruitment Manager